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Mine Kafon by Massoud Hassani

Hassani, a product designer from Afganistan, build (by hand) a wind-powered device that trips land mines as it rolls across the ground. It is made using bamboo and biodegradable products.

Many of these mines are active and near populated areas in countries like Afganistan and are hard to remove. The UN says that one mine clearance specialist is killed, and two injured, for every 5,000 mines cleared.

Hassani’s cheap and easy to make method has been achieving great results.



The Wire Collection consists of a Dining Chair, Lounge Chair, Lounge Sofa and a Coffee Table. Comes in a black coated steel frame or in a clear coated brushed steel frame with upholstery front made in leather, either Yellowstone or Elegance leather from Sorensen Leather. Each Wire Collection design in numbered.

I soooo want these.  Someone buy me these.  I’ll be your cabana girl all summer.  I’ll drive you to work.  I just love these chairs <3

(Source: missdesignsays)

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